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MDPI Decides to deploy his "coaching approach" to the international

Thanks to its faithful & loyal Team, passionate and efficient contributors, MDPI Consulting - IT Experts Company was able to implement and foresee today with the support of all its protagonists, to remedy the consequent loss of some profiles mainly caused by a significant number of departures into retirement. To do this: The “coaching method”...


The “Pappy-boom” interferes with computer

Despite of the rise of departures into retirement, it appears that lots of IT companies does not take seriously the training gaps & deficiencies trades. Reason is the “Pappy-boom”. Indeed, an IT Expert on two today approaches the sixty, how to set up the successors with the same performance? How to sustain knowledge?


Which sectors affected?


A few months is not enough to transmit knowledge, for that, many sectors are affected by the “Papy-boom”.

Banking/Finance, Insurances but also  the Public Services, Mutuals &  Pensions fund are being involved in this shortage. Lots of technicians evolve on operating systems like IBM & Bull GCOS and use operating systems such as MVS, CICS or DB2.

Furthermore, certain functions very important such as Information Systems Directors, IT Services Managers or IT Projects Managers …will also need to develop a succession plan.

what purpose will drive the deficits of knowledge, skills for ?


At the time being, schools train young on  LINUX, WINDOWS, UNIX - open systems which would not exactly answer to bank or public institutions and which does not guarantee the highest security.

However, the internal bank transfers to financial institutions realized through IT systems (IBM, MAINFRAIM) have to be unconditionally  100% secured.


Let’s take for example the removal lessons like Cobol, JCL, REXX, FORTRAN in most of the schools… indeed, the simple fact to remove money to an ATM activates old written programs in these programming languages and it therefore appears necessary and essential to maintain them


MDPI Consulting has the solution 


”Save the knowledge and skills before they could disappear” ensuring their perenity. So, it’s essential to explore knowledge.  

Thanks to excellent Experts, MDPI Consulting agrees to train Information Systems Directors, holders of knowledge and conductors in the analysis of skills to remember in order to avoid a possible decrease.


MDPI Consulting and its IT Experts (faithful & loyal Team, passionate and efficient) Team commits itself to supporting, training over the long term the young who could pretend to such proposals.

Thus, targeting of improving productivity, a skills inventory & the knowledge capitalization, MDPI Consulting really wants and adapt itself to the customer demand and for that, propose an all-inclusive price. 

We remain at your disposal for any further information and we are ready to submit to you our best profiles to work on your projects.