MDPI Consulting

Network (computer): A set of computers and interconnected terminals for exchanging digital information. A network is a set of objects interconnected with each other. It makes it possible to circulate elements between each of these objects according to well-defined rules. Computer security is a discipline that wants to protect the integrity and the confidentiality of the information stored in a computer system. In any case, there is no technique capable of ensuring the inviolability of a system. A database is a tool for storing and retrieving all raw data or related information With a theme or activity; These may be of different natures and more or less interconnected. All these trades are part of our daily resources and are ready to intervene at your request on your IS. - Database Administrator: DBA (DB2, ORACLE, ACCESS, ...) - Network Administrator and Engineer: CFT, LAN, WAN, VPN, ... - System Engineer: MAINFRAME IBM (VM / VSE, Z / VM, Z / VSE, Z / OS), UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS and WINDOWS SERVER ... - Network System Engineer: UNIX, LINUX, WINDOWS and WINDOWS SERVER ... - RSSI: System Security Officer