MDPI Consulting

The management professions in the I.T field are important in order to be able to bring together around the Projects the different Interlocutors whether they are within the IS or within the User Professions. We can offer support by providing you Knowledge with some of our experienced Collaborators in this type of Strategic Missions.

Management Professions:

- The I.T Transition Manager replaces the internal CIO and has to define and implement the Computing Policy in accordance with the General Corporate Strategy. He leads a management team such as:

- Director of I.T Prodution, whose mission is to manage the development and deployment cycle of Products and / or Services, using internal and external resources.

- Director of Studies and Development which collects and analyzes the needs of the business departments of the IS Enterprise and leads the development or the integration of the application solutions.

- Director Consulting and IT Department, who must define the Service Offers and ensure their deployment on the Marketing, Commercial and Technical Plans using teams under its Responsibilities.

IT consulting, project management and project management:

- Functional consultant

- Technical Consultant

- Expert Consultant System, Production, Network and Security

- Responsible for SI Business and Domain Manager